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Restoring a BMW 2008: A Case Study in Collision Repair

Client Profile:

  • Name: Mary W.
  • Vehicle: 2008 BMW
  • Issue: Back-end collision damage
  • Insurance Coverage: Comprehensive coverage with XYZ Insurance.

Client Background:

Mary, a sunny Californian, faced an unfortunate collision incident with her beloved 2008 red BMW. As an avid driver, the little red BMW had provided her with endless enjoyment, and the collision left not just physical damage but also emotional distress.


Scope of Work:

  1. Initial Assessment:
    • Thorough examination of the vehicle’s front-end collision damage.
    • Inspection of the engine compartment, radiator, headlights, grille, and frame.
  2. Damage Documentation:
    • Detailed documentation of visible and underlying damage.
    • Photography and recording of specific areas affected by the collision.
  3. Insurance Coordination:
    • Communication with XYZ Insurance to initiate the claims process.
    • Submission of necessary documentation, including the police report and photos.
  4. Structural Repair:
    • Utilization of computerized measuring systems to assess and restore frame alignment.
    • Precision frame straightening to ensure the structural integrity of the Jeep.
  1. Collision Repair:
    • Dent and scratch repair for the affected areas, including the front bumper and fenders.
    • Replacement of damaged components, such as the grille and headlights.
  2. Painting and Refinishing:
    • Color matching to seamlessly blend the new paint with the original finish.
    • Application of high-quality automotive paint with clear coat for a durable and glossy finish.
  3. Quality Control:
    • Rigorous post-repair inspections to ensure all components meet safety standards.
    • Road testing to verify proper functionality and alignment.
  4. Customer Communication:
    • Regular updates provided to Sarah throughout the repair process.
    • Clear communication about any additional findings or recommended repairs.
  5. Final Inspection and Delivery:
    • Final walkthrough with Mary to ensure satisfaction with the completed repairs.
    • Delivery of the fully restored 2008 BMW.